Simple Computer Repair to open on Staten Island May 19

Hector Castanon opens store based on love of computers, technology

HENDERSON, Nev. – Hector Castanon has been a high school math teacher, a pharmaceutical sales representative and a corporate sales trainer, but it wasn’t until he purchased Simple Computer Repair that he found the career he was really meant to have – business owner.

Castanon will open Simple Computer Repair’s Staten Island location, at 2090 Hylan Blvd., on Monday, May 19.

Throughout his different careers, one thing remained constant – Castanon’s love of tinkering with computers, creating his own networks and making technology work to his advantage. He looked at many different franchises, but none of them seemed to fit. And then he located Simple Computer Repair and its founder Jim Brock, who opened the first location in Henderson, Nevada a city adjacent to Las Vegas.

“I was really intrigued by it,” Castanon said. “I liked the fact he was in Las Vegas. The Consumer Electronics Show takes place there every year, and by being there, he was on the cutting edge. He has his fingers on the pulse of the industry.”

At its core, Simple Computer Repair’s business model attracted Castanon. The company offers customer-service based repair for laptops and desktops, game consoles, flat screen televisions and Apple products such as iPhones, iPods and iPads. There is no cost for diagnosis, and a flat fee for repair, allowing customers to know exactly what they’re getting without the geek speak and hidden fees often found at many big box stores. All repairs take place in the store’s open workshop where customers can see the work being performed.

The retail side of the store sells accessories – from earbud headphones to phone and tablet cases.

“Everyone has devices in their homes, and that’s going to continue to grow,” Castanon said. “In my home alone, we have 10 devices. So, it just made sense.”

Brock’s on-site training at company headquarters only made Castanon feel better about his decision to purchase the franchise.

“Jim is all about coaching and training his people correctly,” Castanon said. “He’s transparent. I liked the blueprint of what he put together.”

“We have to support our franchisees,” Brock added. “Someone always needs help somewhere.”


To date, not including the Staten Island location, Simple Computer Repair has three franchise locations, in Avondale, Arizona; Macomb, Michigan and Las Vegas.

Castanon said he is grateful for the guidance, and Brock said he believes more people would buy franchises if they had such a support system.

“It should be normal practice, in my opinion,” Brock added. “It should be a priority to help the franchisees.”

Simple Computer Repair opened in 2008 and provides repair services for all makes and models of desktops and laptops; Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods; game consoles and flat screen TVs. In 2013, Simple Computer Repair opened its first franchise location in Avondale, Arizona, near Phoenix. Franchises in Macomb, Michigan, near Lake St. Clair, and Las Vegas location soon followed.

For additional information on Simple Computer Repair, visit   Additional information on the Staten Island location can be found at or by calling 718-667-7271.