Local man the first broker to receive Excellence in Safety Award

ICW Group recognizes David R. Lee for helping companies create safety culture

ASSURANCE HEADSHOTS AND GROUP PHOTOS  MARCH 27TH 2012LAS VEGAS – When buying a car, if the salesperson doesn’t know the engine from the muffler, a customer wouldn’t have enough faith in his/her experience and knowledge to actually complete the purchase. In the increasingly complicated world of insurance, knowing more than how it “runs” is the key to an effective risk management strategy.

When it comes to workers compensation and risk management, companies rely on the knowledge of the salesperson selling the insurance, as inadequate coverage can negatively impact a business.

David R. Lee, certified risk architect and master workers compensation advisor with Assurance Ltd., was recently awarded the Insurance Company of the West (ICW) 2013 Excellence in Safety Award for his unique work in the field, which goes beyond the normal scope of the position. Lee is the first and only broker to ever be honored with this award, and along with Lee, two of his clients also received the award for their excellence in safety.

The award typically recognizes policyholders who promote a culture of safety in the workplace and whose top management is actively involved in promoting and supporting their employees as well as the company safety culture.

ICW Group Nevada, the largest writer of workers compensation in the state, recently made the decision to recognize agency partners who share their risk management philosophy and who go beyond their scope of work to help their customers achieve a workplace safety culture, said Jason Rozar, senior risk manager, Risk Management Services, for ICW Group Nevada.

As a broker, Lee is expected to help companies’ in-house staff find insurance coverage. The award honors Lee for doing much more.

“Mr. Lee embodies the benefits of his knowledge and expertise in his client and carrier relationships,” Rozar said. “We chose to recognize him for his ongoing commitment for creating and maintaining a culture among his clients with risk management and safety as a priority.”

The award was a complete surprise to Lee, who was accompanying ICW Group Nevada to present another award to one of his clients.

“The award is significant because it shows that the insurance industry recognizes something that my clients already know – the financial value and effectiveness of the workers compensation cost management work I do with them,” Lee said.

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