LGA brings collaboration, style to downtown landscape

Architecture firm works with downtown companies to create community feel

LAS VEGAS – Craig Galati and his team kept their eyes out for a downtown space to fit the size and personality of architectural design firm LGA. Since the 12-person team moved into its space at the Holsum Lofts in 2012, the move downtown is turning out to be exactly what it needed.

“It was the one-of-a-kind space I always thought we’d move into if we found a spot downtown,” Galati said. “With this move, it was amazing to me the energy it gave the company.”

The team has worked to become part of the downtown landscape, walking to lunch, supporting local businesses and working with and completing projects for their neighboring companies. To date, LGA has completed projects with the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum and Turntable Health.

Shifting the business from a larger office to the smaller space in Holsum Lofts connected them as a company and attracted other like-minded companies downtown, including Turntable Health.

“We spent a lot of time understanding what they wanted to do,” Galati said. “We really hit it off with them. It turned out to be a great project.”

Turntable Health changed the way their clients looked at health care with the focus on wellness and disease prevention in addition to providing medical care. LGA worked with the company to make sure the space reflected that mission. Rooms included a clinical area with labs and exam rooms; community areas, including a demonstration kitchen and lobby; and studio space.

“It was much more creative and effective from our standpoint. They knew where we were trying to come from and go to,” said Josh Levine, head of operations for Turntable Health. “We’re very much part of the community, but we’re trying to build something not just for the downtown community, but for the city. What we have downtown can be great for the rest of the city. Ultimately, we’re all believers in the downtown revitalization.”

In addition to working with neighbors, the LGA team attends First Friday and Downtown Project events. Members of the staff also live in the downtown area, and architect Lance Kirk volunteers with the revitalization effort of the Huntridge Theater.

“We keep our finger on the pulse of what’s going on down here. It’s been pretty easy because there’s an urban vibe,” Galati added. “Number one, we want to be a good neighbor, but also to see what we can generate for the firm. We’re trying to be involved and be helpful.”

Established in 1986, LGA is a cross-disciplinary, client-centered consulting firm that brings together the disciplines of architecture, sociology and sustainability using a collaborative, participatory and community-based process. Best known for its work on the LEED-certified Springs Preserve master plan and one of only a handful of Platinum LEED-certified buildings in the world, the Desert Living Center at the Springs Preserve, LGA has been a longtime advocate of green design and green living.

For more information on LGA, call 702-263-7111 or visit lgainc.com.