Business PAC supporting March for Mayor, Marz for city council Ward 3

HENDERSON, Nev. – Henderson’s Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee (IMPAC) has finalized its endorsements for the city’s primary elections April 4. Debra March was selected as the committee’s choice for Henderson mayor and John Marz for the Henderson city council position for Ward 3.

Henderson IMPAC serves as a comprehensive, non-partisan political action committee that contributes to the creation of a favorable business climate in Henderson as it relates to issues at the state and local level. IMPAC, which is independent of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce but supports its organizational vision, discusses issues involving economic development, land-use planning, budgeting and finances and more with candidates.

Henderson IMPAC’s mission is to encourage the protection and enhancement of constitutional liberties; promote the good citizenship of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce members through personal and financial participation in the state and local elective process; and any additional areas of government policy or regulation the Henderson Chamber of Commerce encourages, promotes or opposes.

The Henderson Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit, professional organization committed to promoting and supporting member businesses.

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