Henderson Chamber supports Sandoval’s Education Reform bills

AB 555 would establish a statewide evaluation system for principals, teachers based on four categories of performance, more

HENDERSON, Nev. – According to a 2010 report by Education Week, Nevada had a high school graduation rate of only 41.8 percent. Furthermore, Nevada’s secondary school students are ill-prepared for college or a career; in 2009, only 25 percent of 8th graders were proficient or better in math, and only 22 percent were proficient or better in reading.

In response to Nevada’s low proficiency ratings, Gov. Brian Sandoval has proposed an ambitious and innovative education reform package aimed at ensuring that students are put first in decisions regarding identifying and supporting effective teachers, holding schools accountable for student performance, providing information to parents regarding education options and school performance, and ensuring that parents have choices available to them.

One of the bills in that package is Assembly Bill 555, which must pass out of the Ways and Means Committee and be approved by the Assembly by Tuesday in order to move forward.

AB 555 would keep the state’s best teachers and principals employed; establish a statewide evaluation system for principals and teachers based on four categories of performance (proposed by Nevada Blue Ribbon Task Force); eliminate “Last In, First Out,” seniority-based layoff policies; and eliminate “longevity pay” and compensation based on educational degree level.

“Ensuring the success of our students today is critical to our state’s business community’s success in the future,” said Dianna Fyke, Director of Government Affairs for the chamber. “These students make up the pool of future employees for Nevada’s businesses. AB 555 is progressive and innovative, and we believe it’s just the thing Nevada’s education system needs.”

Additional details about Sandoval’s efforts to reform education in Nevada, AB 555 and other bills the Henderson Chamber is monitoring can be found under the Government Affairs tab of the Henderson Chamber’s website.

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