Henderson Chamber of Commerce gears up for 2011 Legislature

Top priorities include job creation, opposing unnecessary taxes, education support

HENDERSON, Nev. — With the November elections in the rearview mirror, the Henderson Chamber of Commerce is getting ready for the 2011 Legislature to best represent its members’ interests as well as the overall well-being of the community.

The Henderson Chamber of Commerce is known locally, state-wide and nationally for its strong legislative presence. A bi-partisan nonprofit organization, the Henderson Chamber of Commerce has held strong relationships with Nevada’s political leaders on both sides of the aisle for many years and endorses candidates who reflect a history and political agenda in support of small- to medium-sized businesses, which comprise most of the chamber’s membership.

Heading up the local and statewide efforts are the chamber’s Government Committees; IMPAC, State & Local issues, and Legislative which have been working tirelessly for much of this year to plan for both the elections and the 2011 Legislature – including sorting through about 550 bill draft requests (BDRs).

The chamber’s focuses are many this year, as Nevada’s fiscal condition is fragile and the 2011 Legislature will likely be faced with a deficit at least twice the size of the one addressed in the 2010 Special Session of the Nevada Legislature. The forecast is a shortfall of roughly 50 percent of the 2012-2013 budget due to lower tax collections, expiration of the temporary tax increases passed in 2009, and the end of Federal stimulus money on Dec. 31.

On the top of the list is to encourage job creation for Henderson and Nevada while opposing new taxes on employers that are not equally distributed and determined to be absolutely necessary and supporting the education system, which should produce a qualified workforce in a cost-efficient manner.

“It’s important the chamber be progressive, especially in 2011 as many representatives are new and new to the issues. It’s the chamber’s job to represent owners of small businesses, because small- and medium-sized businesses make up more than 80 percent of all jobs in Nevada,” said Dianna Fyke, government affairs director for the chamber. “Although the chamber is one of the most powerful legislative groups, it’s paramount we remain focused, especially with the fiscal budget under the microscope.”

Members of the Chamber Legislative committee participate in 12 subcommittees: education, finance, health & human services, entrepreneurial business, judiciary, energy/utilities, taxes, commerce/manufacturing, construction/transportation, gaming, development/redevelopment, and natural resources/agricultural/mining. It also flags non-legislative issues as well such as local concerns like public employees’ salaries and union issues. 

The Henderson Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit, voluntary organization committed to promoting and supporting member businesses.

For more information, call the Henderson Chamber of Commerce at 702-565-8951 or visit www.hendersonchamber.com.