Local in-home care provider looking to employ former military to meet demand

HENDERSON, Nev.At Visiting Angels, the demand for employees to provide care for their senior and disabled clientele is growing, which means the need for caregivers who can physically help clients is on the rise as well. With a current unemployment rate for veterans at 8.1 percent – 1 percentage point less than the national jobless rate – Visiting Angels is actively recruiting these men and women for their unique skills.

The House of Representatives recently passed the Veterans Opportunity to Work Act, which hopes to put 400,000 or more veterans to work in the next two years. Visiting Angels doesn’t want to wait that long. Veterans with any sort of medical background, or anything equivalent, are encouraged to apply.

“Our clients are requesting more hours from us, which means we need more employees. With a large generation on the brink of needing our services, there is a need for employees that can help with the more physical aspect of our work – helping people in and out of bed or from a sitting position into a wheelchair,” said Michael DiAsio, co-owner of the Las Vegas and Henderson franchises. “Also, many of our clients are veterans, and when we can bring two people together who can form a bond, that makes their experience with us even better.”

Recently, Visiting Angels has seen an increased demand for male caregivers, which is somewhat unique, as the care giving industry often attracts more female workers. An increase of male clients who specifically request male caregivers is growing, not to mention a perceived strength associated with them.

“Visiting Angels employs women and men who have the necessary skills to provide our clients with the best care possible,” DiAsio said. “However, when a client makes a request for a veteran or a male caregiver, we would like to be able to provide that level of comfort. Home care is a personal part of a client’s health care. Matching clients with the perfect employee is our utmost concern.”

Robert Plumlee, a Vietnam veteran, works part-time as a caregiver for Visiting Angels. A psychiatric technician in his younger days, Plumlee has a background with geriatric patients. Two years ago, he was laid off and couldn’t find part-time work due to his age and the economic environment, he said.

“There wasn’t anything out there,” he added. “I’m sure veterans wouldn’t think of Visiting Angels right away, but it’s not hard work, but you have to have patience. You have to have empathy. For my situation it works out very well. For returning veterans, it’s difficult to find work now. And this is meaningful. You’re contributing to people’s lives.”

Bonding with fellow vets is also a perk of the job, Plumlee said.

“We, as vets, relate to each other,” he said. “We understand the other has been through. They have an appreciation that they’re relating to another vet.”

Visiting Angels is senior home care with more than 400 franchises across the United States. With two franchises in Southern Nevada, the Green Valley Parkwayoffice – located at 1701 N. Green Valley Pkwy. – is owned by the DiAsios and is the largest in Southern Nevada. It serves Henderson, the south, southwest, west and northwest regions of Las Vegas. Due to an increase in need, the DiAsios have opened a satellite office in Summerlin off Lake Mead Boulevard and Rampart Road.

For more information on Visiting Angels or to apply for a position as a caregiver for the company, visit www.visitingangels.com or call 1-800-365-4189.