Strategic alliance allows firms to service clients better

Architecture firms LGA, Zimmerraystudios partner regularly to benefit clients

LAS VEGAS – If people are lucky, they’ll meet someone in life they just click with – whether it’s a spouse, a friend or a mentor. The same can happen in business, creating the perfect strategic alliance, poised to create better work together on suitable projects than they do apart.

Such is the case with architecture firms LGA and Zimmerraystudios.

“Our decision to work together was a strategic choice that gives both firms additional strengths. The firms have a high degree of trust with each other, which leads to great collaboration. Together we’re better, and our clients benefit from it,” said Craig Galati, partner with LGA.

“The strategic alliance optimizes the potential of each firm, yielding a strong holistic offering to purpose-driven clients,” said Harry Ray, a partner with Zimmerraystudios.

The most recent collaboration between the two firms is the facilitation of the process for Boulder City’s strategic plan – a project they’re wrapping up. The process included neighborhood and community meetings to solicit input around issues of importance to residents and stakeholders in Boulder City.  Either firm could have accomplished the work itself, but Ray, a resident of Boulder City, saw the opportunity to collaborate with LGA on the project and decided to do so to take the work to that next level.

Another great example of the value offered to clients by the collaboration between LGA and Zimmerraystudios is the advisory role the firms played with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Authority in the discovery of visitor experience enhancements concepts.

“We often come together to make unsolicited offers,” Ray said.  “When we see a meaningful potential, we might propose something that people may not have known they even needed, but through a customized, purposeful process come to see as very valuable.”

The firms are also in the beginning stages of collaboration with AeroQuest USA international aviation and trade show center in Las Vegas.

“They are great collaborators,” Galati said. “They’re big and deep thinkers. That dovetails nicely with our approach to client service.”

Established in 1986, LGA (formerly known as Lucchesi Galati) is a cross-disciplinary, client-centered consulting firm that brings together the disciplines of architecture, sociology and sustainability using a collaborative, participatory and community-based process. Best known for its work on the LEED-certified Springs Preserve master plan and one of only a handful of Platinum LEED-certified buildings in the world, the Desert Living Center at the Springs Preserve, LGA has been a longtime advocate of green design and green living.

Leveraging many years of large complex project experience, Robert Zimmer and Harry Ray established Zimmerraystudios in 2008, based upon a rational design philosophy.  With offices located in Seattle and Las Vegas, the firm offers a unique multi-regional awareness in their approach to design.

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