Economy goes to the dogs, allows new business to thrive

HENDERSON, Nev. – The Soggy Dog is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year.  The business, a do-it-yourself dog wash center and pet supply store located at Horizon Ridge and Stephanie, was the first of its kind in the community and has been well received by local residents, according to co-owners Tracy Bosler and Vera Leake. 

“Many of our customers are pet people. They love their pet like a family member, and leaving their pet with a stranger to handle the simple job of washing has little appeal,” Leake said.  “Many residents are pleasantly surprised with the results and their experience when trying the do-it-yourself alternative.”

Typically, when washing their own pets, people use the backyard hose or the home bathtub, which creates more work, and, in the latter situation, can also create a mess. In addition, letting dogs swim in the pool all summer dries out their coat and skin, making it itchy and flaky over time.

The innovative Soggy Dog facility provides five waist-high tubs, temperature controlled water, high powered grooming dryers and all the supplies, including a blueberry facial. 

“You wash the dog, and we clean up the mess,” Leake said.  “No more clogged drains or soaked floors and walls.” 

The Soggy Dog also seeks out opportunities to give back to the pet community.

“We regularly reach out to breed-specific rescue groups and have hosted special events such as the Pug Scrub with the Southern Nevada Pug Rescue,” Bosler said. “We also try to support them as they adopt out rescues to residents by providing a first wash free for any resident who adopts a pet from a rescue group or shelter.”

The store is committed to providing high-quality, well-researched lines of dog and cat food, primarily focused on natural, organic and holistic foods and treats.

For more information on The Soggy Dog, visit or call 702-452-3647.