Third novel and first e-book by author S.P. Grogan

LAS VEGAS – Recently seized documents reveal al-Qaida terrorist leader Osama bin Laden planned a 9/11 anniversary attack on American soil, using sleeper cells he established 10 years earlier.

This is the premise of S.P. Grogan’s third novel, a political action thriller, “Retaliate: Beyond the Grave, Bin Laden’s Last Attack on the United States” (ISBN: 9768-0-9801164-4-1).

Described as a “docu-novel serial e-book,” “Retaliate” tells  the reader of a third courier, who reported directly from bin Laden to the Supreme Council of al-Qaida, and who was present at the Abbottabad compound the night bin Laden was killed. The courier escaped to activate Crimson Scimitar, a plan designed to lay waste to much of the Southwestern United States.

Who can stop Crimson Scimitar and defeat al-Qaida in America?  It might be the FBI, CIA or the U.S. military. The heroes could even be the cast of an American reality TV show. As they say, stay tuned for the First Episode of “Retaliate.”

* * * * * * * * * * *

 Beginning July 10, “Retaliate” will be released weekly in serial installments, with a new episode made available to readers’ e-book platforms each week. The cost per episode is $.99, with a cap after 10 episodes. All subsequent episodes will be available free of charge. “Retaliate” will also be available in audio and PDF emailed versions. Special chapters will be published on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, and the conclusion will be published by the end of the year.

“Fortuitous or ill-timed,” Grogan said. “I recently completed a 70,000-word political-action thriller entitled, ‘The Capture and Escape of Osama bin Laden.’ Guess what happened?

“One should not throw away a good story line,” Grogan said. “I did, however, start immediate revisions, not wanting to lose the reading public’s interest. More than ever, the plot is extremely topical as polls say Americans expect bin Laden’s supporters to avenge their slain leader.

“I decided to use the serial e-book format to keep the story accurate and time sensitive,” Grogan said. “‘I believe this may be the first novel to incorporate the hunt and killing of Osama bin Laden as the focal point of the plot. ‘Retaliate’ will be a ‘flash’ work-in-progress that follows current events – much like a weekly TV show, ending with cliff-hanger plots.”

Grogan’s website,, will be interactive to allow readers to assist in plotting the story as it moves forward. Bookstores will also be offered a plan to sell the e-book.

Grogan has always sought innovation in his writing. Two of his previous published thrillers, “Vegas Die” and “Captain Cooked,” offered cash prizes for discovering hidden weapons by following clues within the books. In May, “Captain Cooked” won an award for manuscript excellence from the Hawaii Book Publishers Association.

Buyers can currently pre-order in versions of e-book, PDF e-mail, or audio download by going to . For more information, visit For author interviews, call Grogan at 702-303-5915.