Restrepo, PeQueen to provide thorough analysis of economy Feb. 10 as part of Henderson Chamber’s InSight2016

Invite-only event to provide qualified, useful data for local business owners

HENDERSON, Nev. – The Henderson Chamber of Commerce will host InSight2016, a thorough analysis and prediction of the economy from an international, national and local perspective by Mike PeQueen of HighTower Las Vegas and John Restrepo of RCG Economics, who co-publish the Stat Pack, a business and economic news website.

“Our inaugural InSight event last year proved extremely relevant and beneficial for our members,” said Scott Muelrath, president and CEO of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce. “Considering the many uncertainties worldwide, we are all looking forward to hearing what Mike and John have to say again this year.”

The Feb. 10 event is invite-only for Henderson Chamber board members, tiered sponsors and members of the media.

The Stat Pack tracks key metrics and trends relevant to decision-makers, offers analysis and commentary on financial and economic issues and events, and highlights the latest data-driven findings from the best sources. PeQueen and Restrepo combine stats, charts and graphs with succinct analysis and curated at-a-glance content.

InSight2016 will provide attendees with valuable, data-driven insight regarding global, U.S. and Southern Nevada economies and will answer such questions as:

  • Based on the current information at hand, what can we expect will happen to the U.S. economy in 2016?
  • What is the global expectation and how can we expect things outside of our country to impact the U.S. and our local economies?
  • What will the impact of the current events in China have on other economies?
  • What are the possible outcomes and impacts of decisions made by the United States’ federal government?
  • What will be the impact of currently low oil prices on the economy?
  • Is the consumer still strong, and what will this mean long-term?
  • What are the possible impacts of the election?
  • What industries should we keep an eye on in the coming year?
  • How will all of this impact Southern Nevada?

Restrepo and PeQueen will continue to adjust their presentations in response to local and world news, right up until the event.

“I left last year’s InSight event feeling very informed and inspired to get back to work. From the perspective of a small business owner, I’d say it was one of the most important events I attended,” said Alex Raffi, partner/creative director for Henderson-based Imagine Communications of Nevada.

The Henderson Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit, professional organization committed to promoting and supporting member businesses.

For more information, call the Henderson Chamber of Commerce at 702-565-8951 or visit  Relevant hashtags are: #hendersonchamber and #InSight2016