Reid, Sandoval speak at first joint public appearance Aug. 11

Gubernatorial candidates to discuss the state of the economy, unemployment and how each would address these issues

LAS VEGAS — Gubernatorial candidates Rory Reid and Brian Sandoval will speak at their first joint public appearance: the Nevada Subcontractors Association’s annual luncheon Wednesday, Aug. 11. Sandoval and Reid will each give a 20-minute keynote speech and, specifically, will discuss the state of the economy and unemployment and how each would address such issues. A deck of cards will be cut to determine who speaks first. The luncheon will not include a debate or a Q&A.

Reid, Clark County Commission chairman, is the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, and Sandoval, a former Federal judge, is the Republican gubernatorial candidate. Two hundred guests, including elected officials, NSA members and representatives from other local trade associations are expected to attend.

The Nevada Subcontractors Association, a nonpartisan organization, was established in 1999 to promote, enhance and protect subcontractors’ rights in Nevada.

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  • …’a deck of cards..’ to decide who goes Las Vegas-ish! No matter, Rory (long since dropped the ‘Reid’) will not suddenly develop an articulate demeanor, nor will he fail to remind us of his father, Obama’s ‘left hand man’


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