FIT saves errors by allowing sheet metal workers to check measurements, angles, visually see the duct and fittings before ordering for fabrication

FAIRFAX, Va. – Technology is pushing the sheet metal and air conditioning industry forward, with devices and software aimed at increasing efficiency and cutting costs.

One such tool is the Fitting Input Tool (FIT), introduced by the International Training Institute (ITI), the education arm of the unionized industry, via the Benchmark building information modeling software.

Developers took the technology one step further and made it accessible online, allowing workers to access information on the job site from any smart phone or tablet computer with Internet connection.The FIT software allows a designer to input the appropriate measurements and check all the angles before it’s sent to the fabrication shop for creation.

With the online tool, foremen and installers on the job site can refer directly to the drawings and measurements, which can account for less errors and time lost.

“The software is a great tool, and the online component only adds to it because it opens up workflows with numerous types of devices,” said Michael Keane, ITI’s director of Building Information Technologies. “The best thing about it is it generates the same reports as the desktop version as well as the same, or better, layout and functionality.”

The use of FIT is free to any Sheet Metal Workers International Association member in good standing. To receive the FIT software, workers must complete online training at the ITI’s website, After signing up for an account, online training can be found at the online training links. It can also be found by going here and selecting the “Fitting Input Tool Training” link.

For additional information, contact Michael Keane, ITI’s Director of Building Information Modeling Technologies,