NWCTA hosts the 6th Annual Engineering Summer Camp

LAS VEGAS — The Northwest Career and Technical Academy (NWCTA), in partnership with the Society of Women Engineers (S.W.E.), will host the 6th Annual Engineering Summer Camp for Young Ladies (6th and 7th grade, ages 11 and 12) from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. June 11 – 13 in the banquet facility at the Northwest Career and Technical Academy, 8200 W. Tropical Parkway.

Forty-four future female engineering students are scheduled to participate in activities that include: : “Map the Class,” “Bridge Construction,” “Pipeline,” “Name in Lights,” “Chemical Balloons,” “Robots,” “Pulleys” and producing “Lip Gloss.” The project-based camp is designed to enhance students’ understanding of academic knowledge and connect it to the field of engineering.

S.W.E. is a not-for-profit educational and service organization that was established in 1950 with the purpose of empowering women to succeed and advance in the field of engineering. S.W.E. provided mentors, guest speakers, and lesson plans for the fun and rewarding camp. S.W.E. is also a partner of the Academy of Engineering at the NWCTA. The Academy of Engineering at NWCTA is one of the original 13 academies sponsored by the National Academy Foundation (N.A.F.). For more information on N.A.F., visit www.naf.org.

Students will enjoy three days of engineering activities.

Past comments included: “I enjoyed the bridge building because it allowed us to be creative and use our own design”. “It’s a good camp, keep it going”. “I liked the lip gloss, and tower. I liked them because we got to problem solve and build stuff”. “The robots were awesome!”

The NWCTA camp is full; however, a similar camp that still has availability is planned at the Southwest Career and Technical Academy June 18 – 20.