Nevada State High School offers students college credit


Program offers free tutoring, college planning, start on post-secondary education

HENDERSON, Nev. Today’s high school graduates are facing a tough road ahead. Nevada’s unemployment rate has skyrocketed in the last year-plus, and a college degree is becoming more important than ever on a resume. After all, a college education isn’t free, and some are finding it nearly impossible to afford the tuition for a four-year degree.

That’s where Nevada State High School, which allows high school juniors and seniors to complete up to two years of college for free, comes in.

NSHS is a public high school that offers an opportunity for motivated upperclassmen in the Clark County School District to earn college credit and gain a true college experience while still participating in standard high school activities.

Located at 303 South Water Street in downtown Henderson, NSHS gives students easy access to free tutoring, college planning, guidance and free college courses. Students enrolled in NSHS have the flexibility to create their own schedules and have the opportunity to get a start on their college degree. The school’s financial plan maximizes the use of public dollars and saves money for families by paying for college tuition and textbooks for up to five college classes per semester.

“A majority of parents find it difficult to afford putting their children through college, and, unfortunately, that’s the reason why a lot of excellent, qualified young people never earn their degree,” said Dr. John Hawk, executive director for NSHS.

Essentially, NSHS students take college classes to finish their high school credits. 

“Students have the opportunity to find their niche at NSHS,” Hawk said. “Whether they already know what career they want to pursue or they’re still testing out a few different options, they have the flexibility to test the waters without losing money to do it.”

Current sophomores and juniors enrolled at Clark County School District schools are eligible to apply  to NSHS to begin classes fall 2010. Once accepted into the school, NSHS works together with students on their college curriculum and personally enrolls students into college courses that work together with their respective CCSD high school’s coursework and extracurricular activities to ensure students still don’t miss out on traditional high school experiences.

Since opening its doors, NSHS has graduated more than 300 students.

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