Regents is highest diploma offered by high school, requires 3.25 unweighted GPA

HENDERSON, Nev. – Nevada State High School prides itself on its ability to prepare students for the transition from high school to college. Having opened its doors in 2004, the school already boasts an unheard graduation rate of 98.42 percent, and 87 percent of the school’s graduates have been confirmed upon graduation as being enrolled in college.  

To encourage and continue that success, NSHS has developed the Regents Diploma, a more advanced diploma than the standard, advanced and honors diplomas already offered by the high school.

For students to earn the Regents Diploma, they must uphold a 3.25 un-weighted GPA and have completed an average of 12 college credits per semester while enrolled at NSHS. As part of the application process, students are evaluated in several areas including resume and interviewing strength, academic plan, college planning, volunteer service, and SAT and ACT preparation. Students applying for the Regents Diploma create portfolios based on the comprehensive checklist provided by the school that focuses on each of the targeted areas.

The Regents Diploma recognizes graduates who have not only achieved the minimum requirements to graduate from high school, but exceeded expectations in their college preparation.

“We developed this unique diploma as a way to continue to help students succeed and push them to strive to make the most of their education,” said Dr. Wendi Hawk, principal of Nevada State High School. “This diploma has been my pet project as a way to hold students to an even higher standard than that which already expected here at Nevada State High School. We want to ensure that the students who leave our school are as highly prepared as possible for the next phase of their academic lives.”

Nevada State High School continues to raise the bar for the Clark County education system, and the Regents Diploma falls directly in line with that.

According to the Nevada System of Higher Education Remedial Report in 2009, 32.6 percent of Nevada’s high school graduates in 2009 who attended Nevada colleges and universities required enrollment in remedial math and/or English courses. While only 11 percent of NSHS graduates in the last five years have enrolled in remedial-level courses, the high school is determined to make sure all its students enter college above a remedial level.

The varying levels of diplomas encourage students to work harder to be prepared for the transition into college. Beginning this year, students who graduate in 2010 will be required to complete any remedial college coursework before graduating from the high school or they will not receive their diploma.

Current sophomores and juniors enrolled at Clark County public and private schools are eligible to apply to NSHS to begin classes fall 2010. Once accepted into the school, NSHS works with students on their college curriculum and personally enrolls students into college courses that work together with their respective CCSD high school coursework in order for students to receive dual credit for both high school and college courses. NSHS also works with students to keep them active in their zoned high school’s extracurricular activities to ensure that students don’t miss out on traditional high school experiences.

Since opening its doors, NSHS has graduated more than 300 students. For more information on Nevada State High School call 702-953-2600 or visit