Nevada Health Care Association names Mathis CEO; Perry to devote energy to statewide organization’s legislative initiatives

Statewide health care organization extends efforts as needs grow

LAS VEGAS – To accommodate its heavily growing need to have a representative dedicated to representing the interests of Nevada’s long-term care and skilled nursing profession, Nevada Health Care Association has named Charles Perry president/chief government affairs liaison. Perry, who has worked in the profession for over 40 years, formally served as president/CEO of the association.

Daniel Mathis, who has been working for the association for nearly a year, will take on the business aspect of the nonprofit and now serves as its CEO. Mathis previously served as political action committee chairperson and managed the organization’s day-to-day activities. Mathis has worked in the profession for nearly 30 years.

“As an organization, it’s important to play to our strengths,” said Perry, who has previously served as a Nevada assemblyman. “This upcoming legislative session is going to be especially challenging. It’s important we have someone representing our profession full-time in Carson City while, at the same time, ensuring there is someone dedicated full-time to overseeing our organization’s daily operations and needs.”

During the 2011 Legislature, Perry will work full-time to educate the state’s leaders and lobby on behalf of the long-term care and skilled nursing profession.

The Nevada Health Care Association is a non-profit organization of long-term care facilities and associate members together representing nearly 50 non-profit and for-profit assisted living, nursing facilities and sub-acute care providers that care for nearly 6,000 elderly and disabled individuals statewide and employ more than 8,000 Nevadans.

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