Raffi’s childhood experiences, creative outlook retold in whimsical metaphor

LAS VEGAS – Alex Raffi, local author, artist and business owner, has written and illustrated “The Sound of Laughing Rabbits,” a middle-grade book with more than 50 illustrations. The book was released on Amazon this month.

The 108-page book follows the adventures of Richard, a young man who launches a boat into the vast mysteries of the open sea in search of something more. The first person he meets is Lorelei, a young girl wearing a rabbit mask who vehemently denies she is a rabbit. Together, they discover the beauty and the danger in the world, and with the help of a few more crewmates — a failed pirate, a girl with clockwork wings, a villainous tiger and a wise, old sea turtle — they learn surprising new things about the world and themselves.

The story is a manifestation of Raffi’s memories and experiences in childhood, translated into metaphors that illustrate themes on friendship, family and life in general. The book especially reflects his efforts to explore everything around him with creativity and a child-like wonder — an outlook worth rekindling in adults of all ages.

Raffi also has written “Creative Courage with Alex Raffi: Harnessing Your Creative Capacity,” a book version of his live workshop, in which he demystifies the creative process for everyone from school children and youth groups to corporations and CEOs. He has conducted workshops and seminars for a variety of organizations and schools throughout the Southwest, including Zappos; the Henderson Chamber of Commerce; the Charter School Association of Nevada; SMPS Las Vegas; the American Institute of Architects Las Vegas; the American Marketing Association of Nevada; the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Nevada State College; Clark County School District; Orange Coast College; the LABMAN2014 event and more.

A longtime Nevadan, Raffi is actively involved in the community, having raised more than $49,000 for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, an organization that funds research on childhood cancers.

As the creative director and partner for Imagine Communications, Raffi exercises creative courage daily with an open-minded business strategy at its cornerstone.

“The Sound of Laughing Rabbits” can be found on Amazon in paperback. A digital version is set for release in the spring.

For additional information on Raffi, or any of his books, visit the website at www.AlexRaffi.com.