Laughter heals: Entertainer makes light of dark times during show

Mark Lundholm brings laughter to Solutions Recovery Wellness Campus Sept. 25

LAS VEGAS – Comedian and entertainer Mark Lundholm’s beginnings weren’t funny at all, but it’s his days as a homeless criminal on the streets of Oakland, California and mental patient that gives him the courage and material to make other people laugh. Lundholm will present his show, “Addicted,” from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 25, at Solutions Recovery Wellness Campus, 2975 S. Rainbow Blvd. Tickets are available for $20 and can be purchased at This is Lundholm’s second visit to Solutions Recovery.

Although Lundholm travels the United States and the globe, every year he brings his show back to a handful of homeless shelters, jails and prisons, and rehab centers. The show is just as eventful as the life Lundholm has lived – a wild ride of challenge, changes and second chances.

The Solutions Recovery Wellness Campus strives to be a comfortable place that helps people live sober and healthy lifestyles. Chiropractors, doctors, nurses, social workers and more than a dozen counselors are on site to provide care as well as a gymnasium with fitness equipment and classes, social groups, courtyard and Common Grounds coffee shop, salon, spray tanning service and the use of music as a therapy.

“If laughter has great healing properties, Mark is one of the best healers out there,” said Dave Marlon, president of Solutions Recovery. “The thing is, he’s been there. He knows what it feels like to hit rock bottom. He knows what it’s like to be in recovery. And he’s still laughing. That’s a great lesson for anyone going through a tough time. Sometimes laughter is what gets you through it.”

When Lundholm was fresh out of rehab, he was participating in a 20-minute comedy routine at San Quentin State Prison when he discovered his childhood survival skill of inducing laughs was his ticket out of the gutter. The show was born, and before long he attracted worldwide attention including that of Showtime Comedy, which gave him a television comedy special.

Solutions Recovery, Inc. was established by David Marlon in 2005 as a chemical dependency recovery program. Previously the vice president of Sierra Health Services Inc.’s Western region’s operations, Marlon originally created the company with the needs of business executives in mind, but Solutions Recovery soon found itself increasingly treating those executives’ children.

Today, Solutions Recovery is Southern Nevada’s premiere licensed residential treatment center. A 60-bed drug and alcohol treatment center, it provides detox, residential intensive outpatient and individual counseling services to patients suffering from chemical dependency. Plans are in the works to open 40 more beds within the next 12 months.

To provide a multi-faceted approach to addressing these issues, Solutions Recovery addresses the following afflictions: alcohol addiction; drug addiction; prescription drug addiction; chronic pain; and mental disorder, including anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, eating disorders, grief, problem gambling and sexual trauma. All programs are custom-tailored, and staff members are on hand 24 hours a day to ensure those who want to get help can receive it as soon as they’re ready; when they come in for treatment, they will see the same person with whom they spoke on the phone.

For more information on Solutions Recovery, visit or call its 24-hour hotline at 855-708-6995. For additional information on “Addicted,” or tickets to the show, call Marianne Sabino at 702-228-8520.