Expansion allows for flexible space used for nonprofit events as well as services

LAS VEGASWhen a space next to Kraft-Sussman Funeral Services opened up, owners Wendy Kraft and Laura Sussman saw more than just a chance to expand – they saw opportunity.

The former space held a 40-seat chapel and administrative space, whereas the expansion allowed for a 100-seat chapel, reception room and additional administrative and storage space. The reception room and both chapels are flexible spaces with removable chairs. Because of this, Kraft and Sussman opened up these spaces to nonprofit organizations and those who provide educational programming for the community.

Sussman, whose past includes work in the nonprofit sector, saw the need to provide the space for meetings, lectures and workshops for two reasons: to give community organizations a space for their work and to educate the public that, although they host funerals and counsel the bereaved, a funeral services company is not a scary place. Since the expansion opened in August, the facility has hosted everything from yoga classes to guest lectures and company workshops.

“One of the things we’ve done is try to make the whole facility comfortable,” Sussman said, “so that it doesn’t create anxiety for people.”

In fact, if not for the name on the door, many patrons wouldn’t realize funerals took place in the facility. Each chapel has its own entrance and can operate autonomously while maintaining a comfort level for the bereaved and those attending special events.

“It’s just another step in providing educational programming for the community,” Kraft added.

The expansion also allowed for Kraft and Sussman to provide additional services for the families they serve. A children’s room has activities and a television and DVD player for those attending either a memorial service or an outside event. During viewings or extended services, keeping children safe and comfortable is always a big concern.

“It’s important they feel at ease here, too,” Kraft said. “It teaches them at an early age death is a part of life without it being scary. We spend a lot of time with our families. We build relationships with them. We go out of our way to make sure they have what they need.”

All in all, the expansion allows Kraft-Sussman Funeral Services the ability to be flexible and open the space up to those who need it, no matter the cause.

Owned and operated by two mothers, the full-service Kraft-Sussman does everything in its power to make planning a loved one’s funeral is easy as possible on those left behind. The company’s services include arranging the burial or cremation, hosting and arranging all aspects of the funeral and/or memorial, world-wide shipping, advance planning and anything else its customers can think of. While Kraft-Sussman is a Jewish-owned business, the funeral services company can accommodate funerals for any religion. The independently owned company is also the only certified Veterans & Family Memorial Care Provider inClarkCounty. The company is also the only certified green funeral home inSouthern Nevada. 

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