IT solutions companies merge to best suit client needs

JHC Solutions, TechVanta merged under TechVanta name officially March 1

LAS VEGAS – IT solutions companies TechVanta and JHC Technology Solutions merged under the TechVanta name officially on March 1. The merger comes as a strategic move to allow the business to grow and serve additional clientele in the future.

JJ Christian conceived JHC Technology Solutions in 2006 to serve small- and medium-sized businesses’ IT needs. TechVanta, established in 2009, matched JHC Technology’s company profile to reach businesses that needed technology guides without the expense of staffing a chief information officer or IT director.

Upon meeting a few years ago, Christian and TechVanta owner Rich Manley realized they had a common goal – embark IT wisdom without the lingo. That common ground led to a business friendship and eventually to the merger of the two companies.

“So many IT professionals talk in a language that can scare or intimidate a customer,” Christian said. “We engage our clients in a non-intimidating manner. Trying to explain in a way the customer can understand makes all the difference in the world, especially when you’re trying to earn their trust.”

Christian’s 19 years in the corporate world combined with Manley’s knowledge of emerging technologies made the merger an easy decision.

“It brings the resources of two companies together, which will allow a greater growth than they would on their own,” Manley said. “We were seeking the same clients for the same types of services; we were just going about it in different ways. Now, we can do it as one company instead of two.”

Combined, Manley and Christian have nearly 40 years experience in the field and diverse business IT experience, and they each carry multiple industry certifications, including advanced technical certifications from Microsoft. Christian and Manley also graduated from Leadership Henderson, an eight-month program sponsored by the Henderson Chamber of Commerce that is devoted to personal and professional leadership development since 2001.

For the first time last year, TechVanta earned the elite Silver Partner distinction from Microsoft and is taking strides to ensure it does again this year. The company is one of few in town to have earned the prestigious distinction.

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