Henderson resident, business coach publishes book

Scott Merritt’s new book teaches readers to become purpose-driven, grow sales

Scott MerrittHENDERSON, Nev. – Many small businesses reach a certain level of success by accident. They had no strategy or goals. To get to the next level, however, they need to become purpose-driven. That’s where Las Vegas business coach Scott Merritt comes in.

Merritt, who serves as president of Sales Acceleration Consulting in Las Vegas, coaches business executives and leadership teams to improved performance, primarily in growing top-line revenues.

During his time coaching business executives, a few themes quickly emerged. Many business, Merritt discovered, struggle specifically with sales and marketing.

As a result of his discovery – really, proof of something he already suspected but now knew for sure – Merritt felt he could reach more people by publishing a book.

The result is “Growing Sales: The Three-Step Program (with Four Steps),” a compilation of the lessons he’d learned in many professional positions over a 34-year career in sales, sales leadership, marketing and sales consulting.

“Growing Sales: The Three-Step Program (with Four Steps)” is now available on Amazon.com.

The book focuses on three main aspects of growing a company – lead generation systems, sales leadership and lead conversion systems – and includes a fourth aspect of growth, systems to support client retention.

While many of the book’s lessons will likely be familiar to readers, they are presented in an actionable workbook format that will enable the reader to quickly impact company revenue. It is Merritt’s aim to help readers identify one weakness on which they can focus and improve. He also helps them identify the lowest hanging fruit that will have the biggest, most immediate impact on their bottom line.

In addition to his consulting practice, Merritt also speaks on all topics of business. In fact, he has given more than 1,000 speeches. Most recently, he was a speaker for the Henderson Chamber of Commerce’s Roadmap to Success Series.

Merritt found his love of coaching early on. In high school, he made extra money by teaching tennis, an experience that lead him to a position as head tennis professional at Rhode Island Country Club, where he worked for two years while at Brown University.

Merritt earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from Brown University and his MBA in finance from DePaul University. He is also a chartered financial analyst. He lives in Las Vegas with his wife of 24 years, Harriet. The Merritt family includes daughter Allana, her husband Aaron, grandson Elias, one dog and three horses.