Henderson mayor to search for missing child in national auto rally

2010 Fireball Run Adventurally to begin in Henderson Sept. 24

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS ORLANDO, Florida – City of Henderson Mayor Andy Hafen, of Nevada, has entered the 2010 Fireball Run and its Race to Recover America’s Missing Children.

“Mayor Hafen’s entry just may be historic. To my knowledge there has never been a serving term U.S. mayor registered into a racing series of any kind, and we are thrilled Mayor Hafen will be joining in this year’s Fireball Run,” said Kevin Miller, President of United States Auto Club (USAC) Racing, sanctioning body for the Fireball Run Adventurally series.

The Fireball Run Adventurally is an “Amazing Race meets motorsports” event combining an interactive game with race track competitions. Teams solve clues and complete missions in order to score points and safely navigate the country. The rally traverses through 18 cities, over eight days and 3,500 miles. Fireball Run teams are exclusively comprised of industry leaders each representing their company.

While networking with industry leaders and having fun, teams also participate in the nation’s largest missing child recovery effort; The Race to Recover America’s Missing Children, a massive awareness campaign for the Klaas Kids Foundation.

Each team is assigned a missing child. The mission is to distribute posters along the entire 3,500-mile route to aid in the child’s recovery. To date, the Fireball Run has contributed to the recovery of 35 missing children. It is the largest “active” recovery effort in history for missing and abducted children. Participating as “Team Polly” is Klaas Kids founder and CNN commentator, Marc Klaas.

Assigned to “Team Henderson” is Everlyse Cabrera, who was last seen in North Las Vegas, Nevada June 10, 2006.  The team will take the young girl’s photo and stats across the country on a 3,500-mile campaign to help recover the missing child.

Henderson, Nev. is also the rally’s official starting line city, which finishes in Galena, Ill., Oct. 2.

“I’m wondering just who will waive the green flag in Henderson now; typically it’s the mayor,” joked JJ. Sanchez, Government Affairs for the Fireball Run. “All kidding aside, Mayor Hafen’s personal participation is a major advantage to his community. He’ll be networking and building relationships with other industry leaders participating in the event.”

“As host city of the ‘Race to Recover America’s Missing Children,’ I wanted to make sure we did everything we could to make this event successful,” Hafen said. “If my participation helps generate awareness that leads to locating any of these children, it is certainly worth the personal time and effort.”

To compete however, Hafen and his wife/co-driver Debi must both successfully complete a racing school and defensive driving course, as is the case with all registered rally teams.  

This year’s event promises to be the most challenging, scenic and diverse experience so far. Teams will be driving everything from Lamborghinis to Cameros to the “Time Car” from Back to the Future.

The Fireball Run Adventurally is a national event headquartered at the NBC/Universal Studios in Orlando Florida, safety sanctioned by the United States Auto Club (USAC), and welcomed by city leaders and law enforcement in each host city.

To learn more about the Fireball Run, contact Natalie Zimmerman at nataliez@fireballrun.com or 407-499-4229 ext. 0261.