Henderson Libraries offers program for patrons to learn more than 70 languages

Henderson, Nev., Libraries

Mandarin, Afrikaans, Portuguese among available languages

HENDERSON, Nev. – The world is becoming a giant melting pot of cultures and languages, and Las Vegas is no different. Whether it’s new cultures making their way to Las Vegas or locals traveling to faraway lands, fluency in multiple languages has become more important than ever.

Henderson Libraries offers a free online service to its patrons that allows anyone to learn a new language. From more commonly spoken languages like Spanish, French and Portuguese to languages rarely heard in the United States like Afrikaans, Greek and Swahili, there is something of interest for everyone.

“It’s a rare occasion when out on the Strip or walking through a public locale that a language other than English isn’t heard,” said Tom Fay, executive director for Henderson Libraries. “The blending of cultures is happening everywhere exposing us to new languages. The Language Learning service is an opportunity for each of us to broaden our horizons and learn something new.”

The program, which is part of the libraries’ massive Adult Resources section, offers more than 70 languages and gives the user both audio and visual guidance in learning their language of choice.  Users must have a Henderson Library card and can sign in online.

Interested patrons can find the program through www.mypubliclibrary.com under the Digital Download menu. A new profile can be created under the Language Learning option opening up dozens of languages to the user.

Established in 1943 as a single library in Downtown Henderson, Henderson Libraries operates five locations throughout Henderson and plans to open one more within the Heritage Park Senior Center, slated to open later this year. Henderson Libraries cooperates with other public libraries in Southern Nevada, the Nevada System of Higher Education, the Clark County School District and all other libraries around the state to provide quality service for Nevada’s residents.

For more information on Henderson Libraries and its many services and resources, visit www.mypubliclibrary.com or call 702-492-6580.