Henderson Libraries now offers Redbox movie rental kiosks

Paseo Verde, Green Valley Libraries housing Redbox units

HENDERSON, Nev. – Libraries are more relevant today than ever before, which couldn’t be truer in Henderson. Henderson Libraries has long been known for its efforts to remain relevant to its patrons, which is why it added two Redbox movie kiosks to its extensive repertoire of services. From Jan. 15 thru Feb. 4, patrons can stop in at the Paseo Verde Library or Green Valley Library and receive a flyer for 1 free night movie rental. Those patrons checking out library materials will also see the 1 night free rental code on their library checkout receipt.

One kiosk is housed at the Paseo Verde Library – located at 280 South Green Valley Parkway, and the other at the Green Valley Library – located at 2797 North Green Valley Parkway.

“Redbox kiosks have become a huge hit nationwide,” said Tom Fay, executive director for the Henderson Libraries. “They’re convenient to use and offer newly released DVDs at a very low rental price, which is something our patrons appreciate having access to.”

The two locations in Henderson are a select group of ten libraries nationwide singled out for this trial.

“We are happy to be working with Library Ideas, LLC and Redbox in this national trial,” Fay added.   Library Ideas, LLC of Virginia is the company marketing the Redbox trial with libraries.

Although the Redbox kiosks will be housed at the two libraries, Redbox will be responsible for the maintenance and operation of, as well as customer service for, the kiosks.

Henderson Libraries will not provide tech support to the Redbox kiosks or give refunds, accept returns or work with Redbox customers beyond giving them a 1-800 number to call for more information. However, Henderson Libraries will do its best to return the DVDs accidentally dropped in the book return to the Redbox kiosk.

Redbox units hold up to 720 DVDs comprised of approximately 100-150 movie titles. Although most of the movies are made up of the popular new releases, about 20 percent are also high-demand older titles. In addition, one-third of the titles are often animated films aimed at kids or families. Redbox’s goal is to maintain high usage by changing titles as demand decreases. A one-night rental costs $1 plus sales tax, as well as $1 each additional day the title is not returned up to a maximum of $25.

Established in 1943 as a single library in Downtown Henderson, Henderson Libraries operates six locations throughout Henderson. Henderson Libraries cooperates with other public libraries in Southern Nevada, the Nevada System of Higher Education, the Clark County School District and all other libraries around the state to provide quality service for Nevada’s residents.

For more information on Henderson Libraries and its many services and resources, visit www.mypubliclibrary.com or call 702-492-6580.