Henderson Libraries as ‘a beacon of light’ to take on new meaning

Paseo Verde Library finishes construction on new 100-KW solar array

HENDERSON, Nev. – Henderson Libraries has always been seen as a beacon of light for many in Southern Nevada, but for one location, that may take on a much more literal meaning as construction concludes on a large, roof-mounted solar array.

May 22 marked the final day of Paseo Verde Library’s four-week construction process of its new 100-kilowatt photovoltaic array, officially called the 100-Kilowatt Photovoltaic Solar Array Project. Made possible by the NV Energy RenewableGenerations Program, the library, located at 280 S. Green Valley Parkway, is estimated to see $13,000 a year in energy savings (at today’s current power rates). In turn, these savings will go back into providing even more benefits to library patrons.

“With summer just around the corner, the Paseo Verde Library stands to see significant cost savings thanks to the solar array,” said Matt Hortt, head of adult services at Gibson Library who led the project to completion. “Instead of having that money go toward costly air conditioning bills, we can instead make the library experience that much better for everyone with new books, updated programs and enhanced services, all the while making taxpayer money go much further.”

The endeavor got underway last June, when Henderson Libraries received an NV Energy RenewableGenerations Reservation Notice. It informed Henderson Libraries that it had been awarded a maximum eligible incentive payment of $279,972 to be used toward the purchase and construction of a solar array. To ensure the project could be completed, the Henderson Libraries Foundation also provided an additional $10,000 for construction costs. The library is now awaiting final city and public works inspections, with an expected early June project completion date.

“For many, the library serves as a beacon of hope, especially during economic downturns when people use the library to research new career opportunities or simply take advantage of free resources not available to them otherwise,” Hortt said. “Now, the shining arrays will serve as a reminder of what our future demands of us — environmental stewardship and an effort to live sustainably.”

As a way for patrons to gauge the effectiveness of this effort, the system will include a public display data component, which will display the energy production and savings generated by the system. Data will be displayed on electronic display monitors at the Paseo Verde Library.

Established in 1943 as a single library in Downtown Henderson, Henderson Libraries operates four locations throughout Henderson. Henderson Libraries cooperates with other public libraries in Southern Nevada, the Nevada System of Higher Education, the Clark County School District and all other libraries around the state to provide quality service for Nevada’s residents.

For additional information on Henderson Libraries, visit mypubliclibrary.com or call 702-492-6581.