Henderson IMPAC issues endorsements for state primary elections

Committee used results from interviews, questionnaires to select candidates

HENDERSON, Nev. – Henderson’s Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee (IMPAC), in support of its policy agenda, followed its process of recommending a slate of candidates seeking election in the 2018 Nevada General Election to which it endorsed the following state and county candidates: Michael Roberson (R), Nevada Lieutenant Governor; Barbara Cegavske (R), Nevada Secretary of State; Wes Duncan (R), Nevada Attorney General; Tiffany Jones (R), Nevada State Senate District 9; Susan Martinez (D), Nevada State Assembly District 12; Ozzie Fumo, (D) Nevada State Assembly District 21; Melissa Hardy (R), Nevada State Assembly District 22; Glen Leavitt (R), Nevada State Assembly District 23; Stephen Silverkraus (R), Nevada State Assembly District 29; David Schoen (R), Nevada State Assembly District 35; and Sandra Jauregui (D), Nevada State Assembly District 41.

“The candidates we have selected have the strength of the Henderson business community in mind,” said Matt Engle, IMPACT chairman and Henderson Chamber of Commerce member. “The Henderson Chamber of Commerce has more than 1,300 members, and there is considerable strength in that. It’s important we are politically active, especially when speaking for the second largest city in the state. We need to make sure we support those legislators who support the existing and future business in Henderson.”

In determining candidates for endorsement, IMPAC conducted interviews and requested responses to a questionnaire from each considered candidate. Board members of IMPAC, which is comprised of 25 professionals from various business sectors, also reviewed and evaluated each candidate’s history, professional experience and commitment to civic service along with voting records of incumbents and those currently serving in office. All information was compiled by the committee to determine which candidates would understand business issues and provide long-term strategic visioing and implementation policies as well as support the growth and attraction of successful businesses in Henderson and throughout Southern Nevada.

IMPAC’s endorsements this month are in addition to earlier endorsements made prior to the primary election and included the following candidates who will also appear on the November ballot: Joe Hardy (R), Nevada Senate District 12; Ben Kieckhefer (R), Nevada Senate District 16; James Settelmeyer (R), Nevada State District 17; Keith Pickard (R), Nevada Senate District 20; James Ohrenschall (D), Nevada Senate District 21; Daniele Monroe-Moreno (D), Nevada Assembly District 1; John Hambrick (R), Nevada Assembly District 2; Jason Frierson (D), Nevada Assembly District 8; Steve Yeager (D) Nevada Assembly District 9; Tyrone Thompson (D), Nevada Assembly District 17; Chris Edwards (R), Nevada Assembly District 19; Jill Tolles (R), Nevada Assembly District 25; Teresa Benitez-Thompson (D), Nevada Assembly District 27; Jill Dickman (R), Nevada Assembly District 31; John Ellison (R), Nevada Assembly District 33; Jim Wheeler (R), Nevada Assembly District 39; and James Gibson (D), Clark County Commission District G.

The Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee (IMPAC) is a bipartisan group that makes direct contributions to candidates who promote and vote for an agenda of a favorable business climate. IMPAC operates separately from the Henderson Chamber of Commerce (HCC) by independent volunteer members of HCC and follows the mission of the HCC and its member businesses. The Henderson Chamber of Commerce is growing rapidly and currently has more than 1,300 members.

To learn more about IMPAC, visit https://www.hendersonchamber.com/business-advocacy/HCC-IMPAC/?edit=1 or call 702-565-8951.

(D) Nevada State Assembly District 21, 2018 Nevada General Election, Barbara Cegavske (R), Ben Kieckhefer (R), Chris Edwards (R), Clark County Commission District G, Daniele Monroe-Moreno (D), David Schoen (R), Glen Leavitt (R), Henderson Chamber of Commerce, Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee (IMPAC), James Gibson (D), James Ohrenschall (D), James Settelmeyer (R), Jason Frierson (D), Jill Dickman (R), Jill Tolles (R), Jim Wheeler (R), Joe Hardy (R), John Ellison (R), John Hambrick (R), Keith Pickard (R), Matt Engle, Melissa Hardy (R), Michael Roberson (R), Nevada Assembly District 1, Nevada Assembly District 17, Nevada Assembly District 19, Nevada Assembly District 2, Nevada Assembly District 25, Nevada Assembly District 27, Nevada Assembly District 31, Nevada Assembly District 33, Nevada Assembly District 39, Nevada Assembly District 8, Nevada Attorney General, Nevada Lieutenant Governor, Nevada Secretary of State, Nevada Senate District 12, Nevada Senate District 16, Nevada Senate District 20, Nevada Senate District 21, Nevada State Assembly District 12, Nevada State Assembly District 22, Nevada State Assembly District 23, Nevada State Assembly District 29, Nevada State Assembly District 35, Nevada State Assembly District 41, Nevada State District 17, Nevada State Senate District 9, Ozzie Fumo, Sandra Jauregui (D), Stephen Silverkraus (R), Steve Yeager (D) Nevada Assembly District 9, Susan Martinez (D), Teresa Benitez-Thompson (D), Tiffany Jones (R), Tyrone Thompson (D), Wes Duncan (R)
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