‘Roadmap to Success’ workshop addresses business consulting Sept. 23

HENDERSON, Nev. – The next topic to be featured in the Roadmap to Success Series – hosted by the Henderson Chamber of Commerce and the Henderson Business Resource Center – will be “So You Want to Be a Business Consultant? How to Be Competitive.”

Featuring Leon Daniel, Jr., associate professor of finance at the University of Southern Nevada, the workshop will take place from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 23, at Henderson Business Resource Center – located at 112 Water St. near West Pacific Avenue in downtown Henderson.

Free to Henderson Chamber members, the Roadmap to Success Series will take place from September 2010 to May 2011, dark in December. The series will include 23 workshops covering topics including finance, legal, marketing, and operations and sales. 

Daniel will address how to use and implement systems, create a profitable fee structure and market your consulting services correctly. Daniel has more than 20 years of experience advising small to mid-size businesses and public agencies in financial management and business solutions. Daniel previously spent 20 years as a commercial banker in major and community banks.

All chamber members and the public are invited to attend. There is no cost for chamber members. Cost for non-members is $25. Breakfast is sponsored by Emerald Island Casino. The deadline for reservations is Thursday, Sept. 16. To RSVP, call the Henderson Business Resource Center at 702-992-7200 or e-mail pam@hendersonbizcenter.com.

The Roadmap to Success Workshop Series will cover all aspects of business critical for business owners to understand and properly execute to stay afloat, especially when times are tough. Upcoming seminars will focus on marketing, sales and operations as well as finance and law.

The 23-part series is sponsored by the Henderson Chamber of Commerce, the city of Henderson and Imagine Marketing.

The Henderson Business Resource Center is a nonprofit organization under the Henderson Chamber of Commerce Foundation designed as a business incubator to strengthen and diversify the local economy.

Those interested in the Roadmap to Success series or the Henderson Business Resource Center can call 702-992-7200 or visit the web site at www.hendersonbizcenter.com.