Henderson Chamber gearing up for November elections, 2011 Legislature

Chamber’s State and Local Issues Committee monitors locals’ concerns

HENDERSON, Nev.The November elections are just around the corner, and business owners valley wide are doing everything they can – such as joining their chamber of commerce – to ensure their best interests are represented. 

The Henderson Chamber of Commerce, for example, is known locally, state-wide and nationally for its strong legislative and federal presence. A bi-partisan nonprofit organization, the Henderson Chamber of Commerce has held strong relationships with Nevada’s political leaders on both sides of the aisle for many years.

Heading up those local and statewide efforts in 2010 is the chamber’s State and Local Issues Committee (different from the Federal Issues Committee), led by State Sen. Stan Olsen.

The committee is currently in full swing nearly six months before the legislature meets in February. During an August meeting, the committee sorted through about 250 bill draft requests (BDR) and decided which ones to watch and which ones to set aside based on what little information is included in the BDR.

“The legislature introduces 1,500 bills during a regular session and 500 will result in new or amended laws,” said Olsen, who also is the president of Olsen Strategic Group. “You have to decide whether you’re going to spend time on a certain issue or if it has legs at the BDR stage, so you get an early start if it’s warranted.”

The State and Local Issues Committee flags non-legislative issues as well such as local concerns such as public employees’ salaries and union issues. Members of the committee participate in eight subcommittees: education, transportation, gaming, health care, small business, entrepreneurial business, environmental resources and taxes.

“The State and Local Issues Committee monitors major and minor issues and how they will impact members of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce, which are more than likely small businesses,” Olsen said. “If the State of Nevada starts looking at taxes, then it’s a state and local issue. If it’s on a national level, it’s for another separate committee to address.”

The Henderson Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit, voluntary organization committed to promoting and supporting member businesses.

For more information regarding the mixer, call the Henderson Chamber of Commerce at 702-565-8951 or visit www.hendersonchamber.com.