New clinic to treat children, free up availability in hospital emergency rooms

HENDERSON, Nev. – Most parents have experienced that panic late at night when a child gets a high fever, sore throat or breaks a bone and only has the crowded emergency rooms at the local hospitals to turn to.

Phoenix-based Good Night Pediatrics, which opened its doors in Henderson Jan. 22, eases that panic in parents and offers a place for pediatric urgent care. Open every night of the year, including weekends and holidays from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m., Henderson’s latest medical facility ensures that every child needing after-hours care has the opportunity to see a pediatrician.

With five locations previously established in the Phoenix area, Good Night Pediatrics focuses on treating children suffering from asthma, the flu, pneumonia, sore throats, rashes and injuries such as sprains, minor broken bones and eye infections, among other illnesses.

“Good Night Pediatrics is an important and unique addition to the health care industry in Henderson, and we’re looking forward to seeing them thrive in the community,” said Bob Cooper, economic development division manager for the City of Henderson. “Good Night Pediatrics has shown great success in the Phoenix area and we’re happy that they chose Henderson as their first out-of-community expansion location.”

Located at 2651 North Green Valley Parkway, on the corner of Sunset Road and Green Valley Parkway in Henderson, Good Night Pediatrics offers bilingual services in English and Spanish. The staff at Good Night Pediatrics is trained to treat children from birth through 18 years of age, and the facility accepts almost all major insurance plans and offers a discounted flat rate for cash-paying clients.

“Oftentimes parents are forced to bring their sick kids to hospital emergency rooms where there isn’t specialized pediatric treatment,” said Lois McConville with Good Night Pediatrics. “Because we specialize in serving children, we can ensure kids who come to us get the treatment their injury or illness requires in a more timely manner than they would receive it at an all-ages emergency room or at the hospital.”

“The right care at the right time” is the motto Good Night Pediatrics follows. On each visit, every child is seen by a pediatrician, and the facility has X-ray and lab services on site. The care provided at Good Night Pediatrics frees up space at area emergency rooms for adult patients, assisting with the overflow problem facing many Nevada hospitals.

For more information on Good Night Pediatrics call 702-933-5610 or visit for English services and for Spanish.