Former Nev. attorney general offers 1 million free book downloads

George Chanos provides free copies of “Millennial Samurai” during quarantine

LAS VEGAS – Former Nevada Attorney General George Chanos is giving away 1 million free downloads of his newest book, “Millennial Samurai: A Mindset for the 21st Century,” while stay-at-home orders are in effect. The book, designed to prepare millennials and more for a technological tsunami, encourages readers to look at the big picture, addressing relevant topics as varied as artificial intelligence, economic inequality, fake news, tribalism, political dysfunction and collaboration.

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Chanos served as Nevada’s 31st Attorney General from 2005-07. In that role, he administered Nevada’s Department of Justice and acted as the state’s chief legal officer. He also successfully (9/0) argued ― Warton v. Bockting, 549 U.S. 406 (2007) ― before the United States Supreme Court.

Prior to serving as Nevada’s attorney general, Chanos had a distinguished legal career, representing clients on all matters relating to the growth and management of their businesses.

He currently serves as chairman of the board of Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, Inc. With 110 stores in 19 states, Capriotti’s is one of the fastest growing quick service/fast casual restaurants franchises in the country.

Chanos credits four core values with laying the foundation for success — character, courage, commitment and compassion.

“Our current pandemic shows that humanity is now more interdependent than ever,” Chanos said. “The homeless person on the street, the struggling family that can’t afford masks, it doesn’t just affect them. It affects each of us. It’s clear that the key is getting people to cooperate with each other. The old ways of individuals acting solely out of self-interest are no longer working for us as a species. At this time in our history, we have an opportunity to take advantage of the lessons we’re learning, to leverage our experiences in a positive way, to create a movement. That’s why I’m giving away these books. They are tools of enrichment. They are tools of empowerment. And in the hands of the right person, they can be life changing.”

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