Expert in the unconscious helps people of all ages understand pandemic dreams

Vivid and frequently frightening pandemic dreams are a nightly occurrence for many during worldwide stay-at-home orders. Author/dream analyst Patricia Eltinge is helping people nationwide by discussing what those dreams are really telling them.

“All dreams wish us well,” Eltinge said, explaining these kinds of disturbing dreams also contain positive messages that can be decoded for continuing personal growth and transformation. Once the healing and beneficial aspects of dreams are understood, she added we can start to take positive directions in our waking lives.

Patricia’s insights are helping numerous adults — and children — during stay-at-home orders to relieve the anxieties and uncertainties they are experiencing because of the pandemic.

On April 15, National Geographic reported with hundreds of millions of people sheltering at home and struggling with withdrawal from their daily routines, their unconscious minds are conjuring up strange scenarios that disturb their sleep and further aggravate uncertainties. Add to that stress and fitful sleep patterns that result in higher-than-average dream recall, and many are searching for certified dream analysts like Eltinge to decipher the messages in their dreams and provide hope.

Eltinge is a personal dream consultant to business leaders and celebrities worldwide and a long-time leader of dream training workshops. She is the author of “The Dream Class: Know Your Dreams. Know Yourself!” the summation of more than 25 years of work on new avenues of dream analysis.

Dream work helped Eltinge overcome her own childhood trauma, and now she provides personal life guidance, growth and transformation to others through her unique gift of dream interpretation. Eltinge is also a holistic health expert and a medical advocate. She lives in Los Angeles.

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