Corporate social responsibility is good for business, chamber says

Henderson Chamber of Commerce offers numerous ways to give back

HENDERSON, Nev. – Studies have shown that giving back to the community isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s also good for business. For businesses new to the community, or veteran companies seeking legitimate charities, the Henderson Chamber of Commerce can connect business owners and individuals with options to get involved in the community.

“What’s good for the community is good for business,” said Scott Muelrath, president and CEO of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce.

According to a May 2013 study by Cone Communications and Echo Research, 82 percent of American consumers take corporate social responsibility into consideration when determining companies to patronize and products and services to buy. This can only benefit those who are already giving-focused, as a good social corporate responsibility effort provides an added value that elevates businesses above simple price wars.

“The more support nonprofits receive, the better they can serve the local community,” Muelrath said. “And the more successful local businesses are as a result of their social corporate responsibility, the more jobs they can provide, which, again, comes back to the community. It’s a win-win.”

To that end, it’s worth noting that of the 164 industry categories that make up the membership of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce, the non-profit segment is one of the largest – ranking in the top 10.

While some businesses may feel comfortable heading their own giving initiatives, others prefer to participate in programs that already exist. Therefore, there are many options available through the Henderson Chamber.

Some of those options are: the Henderson Chamber Foundation’s Community Day events; Leadership Henderson, which has class projects that benefit a chosen nonprofit (a complete list of projects here); the Chipping in for Vets Golf Tournament, which supports the Veterans Court of Henderson, the “Swing for Success” Golf Classic, which benefits Nevada State College and the Henderson Chamber (also a nonprofit); the I CAN BE program, which helps local freshmen better plan for their future and achieve their goals; and more.

Additionally, the chamber often connects nonprofits with business donors. Most recently, Henderson Chamber member RC Willey made a $15,000 donation to In12Days during the chamber’s Dec. 8 network breakfast.

In12Days is a local nonprofit that brings the 12 Days of Christmas to individuals and families in need each holiday season. According to founder Suzanne Lea, the money will be used to support three families this holiday season throughout the 12-day journey, which concluded on Dec. 12. Families that are chosen have either gone through a tragedy or fallen on hard times and could use some help getting through the holiday.

RC Willey’s is the largest single donation In12Days has ever received.

“At the core of our mission statement, ‘to become the finest home furnishings company in America,’ is charitable giving,” said Brad Miller, general manager of RC Willey in Henderson and a longtime Southern Nevada resident. “Considering how big the holidays are for us as a company, In12Days’ efforts were a perfect fit for us.”

Such is the environment at the Henderson Chamber of Commerce, which identifies itself as large enough to be relevant, yet small enough to be personal. Staff members at all levels get to know members and their needs and make it a point to look out for opportunities to make warm introductions.

The Henderson Chamber also has resources available to start-up nonprofits and provides referral services/connections with The Philantrepreneur Foundation, the Nevada Small Business Development Center, the Nevada Business Opportunity Fund and Accion Nevada.

“Nonprofits build a stronger community, and it’s important we all do our part to support them,” Muelrath said. “It’s good for business, it’s good for economic development, and it’s good for Southern Nevada. It’s also good for the soul to give back to your community and know you’ve contributed to the well-being of your neighbors.”

The Henderson Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit, professional organization committed to promoting and supporting member businesses.

For more information, call the Henderson Chamber of Commerce at 702-565-8951 or visit