Companies join forces, use AI to connect to customers

Energy BPO signs Datascore to improve human connection in energy marketing

Energy BPO has signed an agreement to exclusively license Datascore Inc.’s Engagement Dialing for distribution in certain energy markets. The proprietary solution leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to allow telesales representatives to directly connect and speak with customers much more efficiently than any other solution on the market today.

Energy BPO assists energy suppliers, utilities, solar firms and renewable energy companies in getting the very best outsource vendors and facilitates clients’ entry and involvement in the energy sector. Much of this work is done over the phone, directly connecting with customers, but since 2019, the field of telesales has become more challenging as states’ regulatory environments, along with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules, limit call centers’ abilities to call and sell to legitimate customers.

On April 20, 2021, the FCC mandated an initiative requiring all telecommunications service providers to incorporate a common information-sharing language between networks to verify caller identification and verification. For companies that rely on telesales, it drove connection rates between representatives and customers, which were already low — from 3 to 5% — even lower, to below 1%. While the initiative combatted spam and scam calls, it negatively impacted legitimate calls as well.

Engagement Dialing redefines how telesales is done, post the FCC ruling. It enables sales representatives to connect and speak with more humans, using AI and sophisticated algorithms to select the best time and day to contact prospects based on the client company’s historical data. In addition, calls made by this new system aren’t labeled as “spam” or “scam,” so there is no need for rotating phone numbers.

“The result is a solution that is simple, effective and completely in compliance with all applicable laws,” said Matt Judkin, founder and president of Energy BPO. “I spent an enormous about of time vetting the product and developer to ensure that the program does what it claims it can do. Only then did we enter this agreement. I can say with 100% certainty that this is telesales reborn.”

Since implementing Engagement Dialing on behalf of its clients, Energy BPO has seen call connection rates increase to five times the previous number and talk rates increase even more, to 7.5 times the previous rate.

“Energy BPO and Datascore have a natural synergy of integrity and respect based on our shared customer-first approach,” said Brent Biggs, founder of Datascore. “I’m excited to partner with Energy BPO based on our aligned values and Matt Judkin’s knowledge and respect in the energy industry.”

Texas-based Energy BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) provides operations support and strategic direction to the leading supplier brands in the energy industry for every stage of the customer lifecycle, particularly in the area of customer service and acquisition. Energy BPO helps with the establishment of accounts, builds relationships and provides overall guidance in making energy significant and profitable for companies. Clients include alternate energy suppliers and established utilities, including electric, gas, solar and renewable energy, and energy efficiency services.

Datascore is a Seattle-based technology company founded in 2018 that seeks to unleash the potential of marketing using AI. With a team including data scientists, data engineers and developers, Datascore’s focus is to solve complex problems for clients, including generating leads, sparking sales and driving higher return on investment. Datascore can be found online at www.datascore.ai.

Additional information on Energy BPO can be found on its website at www.energybpo.com