Cultured Kids Camp takes place throughout July at Town Square

LAS VEGAS – Learning another language at a young age not only makes it easier for children to learn more languages later in life, but it also improves problem-solving skills – something that can be a benefit for kids now and in their futures.

“The portion of the brain that develops language is the last part of the brain to fully develop. It has millions of neurons awaiting stimulation,” said Karyn DePari, owner of Lango Las Vegas, a local kids foreign language instruction company. “Learning one language stimulates the brain and creates synapses that develop the brain and creates a ‘track’ for speech and syntax. Add a second language, and the track has more information because not all sounds are contained in a single language. The more languages, the more stimulation to a developing brain. This is where the link between bilinguals and higher problem-solving skills and better critical thinking skills comes in. Being bilingual builds a brain that’s often correlated with higher math scores, higher verbal scores, higher SAT scores and better job placement opportunities for the future.”

To help kids ages 4-12 (the age range before the brain has fully developed) learn new languages in a fun and engaging way, DePari will host four weeklong summer camps for kids, called Cultured Kids Camp, throughout the month of July.

Beginning July 1, the camps will take place at Town Square, 6605 Las Vegas Blvd S., Monday through Friday and will be divided into four sections:

  • Week 1, July 1-5: “Knights and Debutante’s” French Camp and “Montmartre” French Camp
  • Week 2, July 8-12: “Baloncesto” Spanish Camp
  • Week 3, July 15-19: “La Tomatina” Spanish Camp
  • Week 4, July 22-26: “Cirque Wuqiao” Mandarin Camp

This is Cultured Kids Camp’s fourth year.

In addition to the fact that it is easier and more beneficial for kids ages 4-12 to learn more languages at a young age, it is also more suited for a younger age group.

“We teach kids in the States at a time when they are the most self conscious – as teenagers,” said DePari, who has been teaching foreign language classes to children since 2009, is a licensed teacher in the state of Nevada and has 16-plus years of teaching experience. “Trying to practice learning new sounds always comes with the risk of saying it wrong. Teenagers avoid any risk of seeming foolish, which is another reason why un-intimidated youngsters learn so well. They like to repeat what they hear!”

To make language learning more interesting, the Cultured Kids Camps focus on a theme that contains an activity, whether it’s fencing, acrobatics, basketball or even bullfighting. At the end of the week, kids put on a skit surrounding the week’s theme. In true kid fashion, costumes are always involved.

Camp descriptions and itineraries can be found at The weekly camps introduce kids to a foreign language at a young age, which is the best time to learn. Each week incorporates fun with learning. Cost is $229 per week, and extended care is available for $50 per week. Space is limited. To register, call 526-4658 or visit

Lango offers dynamic and engaging Spanish, French and Mandarin classes and summer camps to kids across the United States. The company’s classes teach children a new language in an immersion-based setting using songs, stories, games, dance and more. Lango Las Vegas is predominantly a school-based program that delivers quality language classes to kids after school, at their school.

For more information, call 526-4658 or visit